Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brunch in Vienna

Weekend brunch has become somewhat of an institution in Vienna. It is celebrated unlike any other meal and is drawing more and more worshippers every day. While brunch is not only about the food that is served - as it also offers a chance to socialize with old and new friends in a relaxed atmosphere and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the work week - the quality of the food and ambience does help to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Caffé Latte - Caffé Latte still offers one of the best all-you-can-eat brunch buffet deals in the city for only 9.90€ (drinks excluded) . The menu includes not only traditional breakfast fare, but also a variety of salads, soups, entrees and desserts. The quality of the food is constantly good and the staff friendly. Located in the heart of the trendy Neubau (7th) district, this cafe is a magnet for the young and hip. In summer the inner courtyard area offers the best choice of seating. Very popular, reservations strongly recommended. Due to its success Caffé Latte has recently opened a second location in the 17th district.
Neubaugasse 39, 1070 Vienna, phone: 01 523 55 09

Tunnel: Not strictly brunch, but the breakfast selection here is one of the best values in the city. Choices run the gamut from Spanish to Greek, Italian, Continental and Arabic breakfast, as well as muesli for only 3€.
My personal favorite is the Arabic breakfast with hummus, stuffed vine leaves, olives, feta, baba ghanoush and pita bread. The only drawback is that breakfast is only served 9 am - 11 am.
Tunnel is also a popular place to mingle at night, when young acts perform live on a regular basis. Upcoming events.
Florianigasse 39, 1080 Vienna, phone: 01 405 34 65

Aux Gazelles: I was hesitant to reveal this gem of a brunch venue. A well kept secret - perhaps partly due to its somewhat hidden location off Rahlstiege on Mariahilfer Strasse - this Moroccan restaurant serves on Saturday the best brunch I have had in the city. Revel in culinary dreams of tabouleh, lamb and couscous in a setting reminiscent of Arabian Nights. Fresh, colorful dishes will let your taste buds explode into a firework of exotic flavors. Round out this out-of-this-world gourmet ride with a choice of oriental teas or coffee drinks, alluring with the sweet scent of cinnamon, cardamom and coconut. At night the place turns into a trendy nightclub featuring live acts, jazz and DJs playing an eclectic mix of ethnic tunes to heat up your heels on the dance floor. And to detox from a long night, unwind at Aux Gazelles' in-house hammam. 
Rahlgasse 5, 1060 Vienna, phone: 585 6645

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