Monday, February 7, 2011

Southern flavors

The theme remains food, after all Vienna has some good eateries to keep you well nourished after hours of walking and sightseeing.
However, as the temperatures defy this winter season, we attempt to take things a bit more south too. The first real sunshine of this year conjures up images of Mediterranean sights and flavors.
But if a trip to Spain or Greece is just not part of your itinerary now, you can at least make do with Greek cuisine; and some of the best Greek cuisine can be had at Irodion, in Vienna's third district.
I wish I could illustrate this post with some pretty pictures of the food they serve and the somewhat tacky decor, but I will have to cheat a little and use pictures from my last Greece vacation. I was much too busy devouring the food and just never managed to snatch a picture before it was all gone.

According to a Greek friend, at Irodion they serve the best Greek food in Vienna and I will have to second his opinion. It is true. This was absolutely the best Greek food I have had in Vienna - or Austria for that matter. Dishes are well prepared and presented, and quite authentic. 
The restaurant itself is very spacious and also suited for large parties and gatherings. The smoking section is small and separated from the main non-smoking area, so you won't be bothered by fumes.
Prices are mid range, but there are some excellent lunch specials.
But enough praise and talk, you should just make up your own mind ;)

Landstraßer Hauptstraße 71
1030 Vienna
phone: 01 710 24 54

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