Monday, January 11, 2010

Schnitzel and Co.

Amid a hodgepodge of ethnic specialties, Austrian cuisine is still defending its top position despite its less than healthy reputation. Admittedly, making schnitzel a staple in your diet will not only help to add extra weight around your hips, but also move you up a few notches on the heart attack ladder. But in the end, the difference between poison and medicine is the dose and in addition to being balm for our palates, Austrian delicacies are also instant mood boosters.

Figlmüller - Figlmüller's paper-thin, surprisingly light (for schnitzel standards) schnitzel has deservedly earned it reputation as the best schnitzel in town. Its golden color, does not promise more than the taste delivers. Hearty, without being too greasy, its crispy texture is best paired with a fresh potato salad topped with pumpkin-seed oil, an Austrian specialty.
Tables at the extremely popular restaurant on Wollzeile book early, but if you wait 15-20 minutes at the Bäckerstrasse location (just a short stroll away from St. Stephan's Cathedral), you have good chances of securing a table, even without a reservation.
Wollzeile 5, 1010 Vienna, phone: 512 61 77
Bäckerstrasse 6, 1010 Vienna, phone: 512 17 60

Salmbräu - Kill two birds with one stone by sampling homestyle Austrian cuisine and an array of local brews at this monestary-turned-brewery. Perhaps not the best choice for an intimate romantic dinner, this rustic brick-cellar brewery is definitely a safe bet, if you want to experience authentic Viennese atmosphere. It is popular with locals and tourists alike and can get crowded especially in peak season. In summer, your best choice is the beer garden in the front. Conveniently located next to Belvedere Palace, you can top off your Klimit visit with a culinary tasting tour at Salmbräu.
Rennweg 8, 1030 Vienna, phone: 01 799 5992

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