Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sushi fest continued

Unkai - Yet another post about sushi? You might ask yourself if this is indeed a blog about Vienna. But I assure you it is, and the beauty of Vienna is it comes with a bit of a cosmopolitan air. Just think of Naschmarkt, which is a mini world of sensory and cultural abundance in its own right. And then there is sushi. Viennese have a penchant for foreign cuisine and despite its geographic drawbacks as a landlocked place, Vienna does boast a handful of "haute" sushi eateries. The epitome of which is reputed to be Unkai, the famous Japanese restaurant on the top floor of the prestigious Ana Grand Hotel.
Upon entering the restaurant floor, the interior design vies with the restaurant's view for diners' attention, but the winner remains the food nonetheless.

At 30€ per person the sushi brunch is not exactly budget fare, but if you arrive starved (for sushi and maki), you will have the time of your life, sampling your way through various standard and not so standard types of fish, scallops and other seafood beautifully assembled and presented. In addition to the all-you-can-eat sushi and maki, the brunch comes with a delicious miso soup (one of the best I have ever had), a small appetizer and a cup of green tea.
The service is superb, as is the quality and assortment of sushi and maki.
Although this may be more of an occasional treat, sushi brunch at Unkai is definitely worth your money.
Kärntner Ring 9
1010 Vienna
phone: 01 515 80 - 9110

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