Saturday, January 30, 2010


Planter's Club
The exquisite interior oozes Colonial chic in dark leather and teak, framed by potted palm trees. The drinks menu reads like an epic novel with more than 300 different whiskey varieties to choose from, and the cocktails are out of this world. Ingredients include virtually everything a flavorful mixed drink could ever wish for, and the bar staff prove that they don't just look the famous 80s movie part starring Tom Cruise, but they are indeed masters of their trade. Drinks include also a large selection of fruity non-alcoholic cocktails. This posh, but not pretentious bar appeals mostly to an elegant 30+ crowd. However, a strict dress code is not enforced. This is still my number one choice when it comes to enjoying top-notch cocktails and a great ambience.
Zelinkagasse 4, phone: 01 533 33 93 15

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