Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A fusion of flavors

Livingstone- After exploring cheap eateries where quantity still prevails even if quality can be had as well, it is time to turn the page and take a closer look at fine dining.
Vienna boasts some excellent choices even for the most choosy gourmet.
It's been a while since I ate here, but the freshness and flavor of the carefully composed dishes still tickles my palate when I think back.
Dishes tend to be more fusion than anything else, and I am not sure how much the resto really lives up to its self-proclaimed Californian label. But if you think fusion and a mix of flavors is typical for the region, then Californian fits as well as any other label.
What stood out aside from the intricate presentation was the freshness of the food; the salad was not one bit wilted or drenched in vinegar (the latter can be an annoying Austrian habit I found). Instead I was greeted by nicely balanced flavors, spiced just right to enhance the taste without being overpowering, against a backdrop of traditional greens mixed with tints of red and yellow.
As main course I opted for an Asian themed pasta dish and was not disappointed again.
Other pluses include the nice decor - in summer the outdoor seating area is quite charming - and the portions which are generously sized for a more upscale place.
The staff was friendly and accommodating, the only downside was that at the time of my visit smoking was allowed outside and this can be a bit of a downer if you happen to sit next to a busy table of smokers. So make sure to reserve accordingly. Diners are an interesting mix, especially on weekdays, when business people, mid-sized groups of friends and couples on a romantic outing sit side by side.
After dinner you can head to Planter's next door to round out a lovely evening at one of the best coktail bars in town.

Zelinkagasse 4
1010 Vienna
Phone: 01 533 33 93
Every day 5 pm to 1:30 am

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