Friday, January 8, 2010

Organic Vienna

Traditional Viennese food is hearty and will not only leave its mark in your memory, but also on your hips. To balance it all out, the Organic food section helps to satisfy your deepest inner organic cravings. Here you can browse health food store, restaurant and other healthy food listings.

Supermarkets/grocery stores

The "bio" craze has gripped Austria and organic food is found in abundant supply in practically every supermarket, even discount food stores now carry their own organic food labels.
Organic labels at the biggest supermarket chains include "Natur pur" by Spar and "Ja! Natürlich" by Billa and Merkur. Aside from fresh produce, meat and dairy products, also baked goods, sweets, drinks and frozen foods are available in "bio" quality. Now organic food items labelled as "Natur aktiv" can even be purchased at the discount supermarket chain Hofer.
And for those who want to take "bio" to the ultimate level, here is a list of specialized health food stores in Vienna:

Denn's (the largest health food markets in the city with a large selection of everything your organic heart could desire); list of stores

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