Friday, January 8, 2010


Vienna is not only a waltz through imperial history, but also a colorful mix of cultures. One of the most centrally located and vibrant hubs of Europe-meets-Asia is the Naschmarkt whose atmosphere is reminiscent of an oriental bazaar (especially on Saturdays). Aside from local/European, Asian and Middle Eastern specialties, this open air market has become a breeding ground for a number of small, but good - primarily Asian - restaurants.

The Asian section provides recommendations and suggestions for all Asiaphiles on where to eat and shop all things Asian in Vienna.


ra'mien: Head to this trendy restaurant & bar for some steaming La Mien and Pho that is sure to fire you up even in the dead of winter. This spacious light-suffused locale draws a young (at heart) and stylish crowd, and the place is swarming with people, especially at dinner time. Downstairs the bar area awaits with cocktail specials, DJs and enough red Chinese decor to make you believe you have just landed in Hong Kong rather than Vienna.
Gumpendorferstr. 9, phone: 01 585 47 98


Pho Sai Gon: This Vietnamese restaurant at Naschmarkt does not seek to impress with its exterior, as it is barely more than a few tables and chairs arranged inside the tiny tiled space. The outdoor seating area in summer is a much better choice. Even if the food won't fetch Michelin stars, it is consistently fresh and authentic and the portions are generous. Especially the lunch specials offer a great value and the staff is very amiable.
Naschmarkt 191-193, 1060 Vienna, 01 585 0224

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