Friday, January 8, 2010

Books about Vienna

This blog does not intend to become just another travel guide and I will not provide cookie-cutter information on how to walk, navigate and explore the city and its myriad sights. There are many excellent guides out there for that purpose.
However, I will include recommendations from time to time to get the scoop on life in Vienna now and then.


Architecture in Vienna - Due to its thick format not the most practical travel companion, but a great introduction to historic and contemporary architecture in Vienna. Buildings/building projects are grouped by district and come with maps and directions.

Long-term stays/living in Vienna

Living in Vienna - Published by the American Women's Association in Vienna, this is a helpful resource for all those who are planning to move to Vienna. This publication is packed with practical tips to make your transition easier and help you adjust to life in one of Europe's most beautiful capitals.

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